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Our Story


For as long as I can remember, I felt a calling to want to own a winery and live on the land. I’m not quite sure why.

Yes I’m passionate about a great wine, but I also enjoy the work that goes into it.

Getting up super early in the morning. Walking the rows of vines, working out what needs to be done, doing it, watching buds burst, and then patiently working out when we harvest.

And then the fun begins.

Making wine is a science and it's about love.

I only want to make great wine. That’s what gets me up in the morning.

In another life I was a graduate Chemical Engineer and have worked all over the world. I met my wife Henni in Indonesia where she was a dentist. We have a wonderful son Benjamin who is 17 years old.

We named the winery Domaine Asmara after the Indonesian word Asmara, which means love and passion.

We love what we do and we'd really love to invite you into our world. 

That's why we named our winery Domaine Asmara.

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